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Feeën Mini

Essentials for childhood memories

Simple but stylish

The basics for your little one's wardrobe

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Feeën Mini designs collections of simple, but effortlessly stylish essentials for babies and children up to 8 years old, with the goal of providing parents and caregivers with the best for babies and children. Whether worn separately or paired with more distinctive items, we’re sure the essentials will lay a great foundation for your little one’s wardrobe….


A magical experience

Suddenly you find yourself in a fairy tale

Bringing a baby into the world, having children and watching them grow up is a magical experience. It changes the way you look at yourself, your surroundings, your own parents and the planet. You strive to be the best human being you can manage. With all its ups and downs, parenthood gives you an immense sense of responsibility. And you want to give your little one the best in the world.

For Özlem (owner of Feeën Mini), it was no different when she welcomed her little daughter. Sustainability had long been in her vocabulary, but with the arrival of a baby in her life, it took on a new meaning. Looking for good quality and sustainable baby clothes, she came across very little that suited her wallet and style needs. Organic essentials in trendy colors were especially a scarce commodity.

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Feeën Mini bodysuit cumin
Sustainable solutions

So the seed was planted....

It had to be slow, relaxed, honest and sustainable. It had to be fair to the planet, to the people who make it, to the people who buy it. And it had to be accessible to more people. How can we expect people to choose sustainable solutions if “sustainable” is considered a niche.

With these notions in mind, Feeën Mini spent two years looking for the best product and the best production partner. Ultimately, this resulted in a fair trade and organic certified producer sourcing the organic cotton to create the softest and most beautiful garments.

Feeën Mini, organic baby- & kids wear