Unique in creating playful, modern and comfortable clothes for daily routines

Who is behind the brand?

OXOX, symbolizing the Noughts and Crosses game


OXOX CLUB is a children’s clothing brand that started as a small family-run business in Lithuania 15 years ago. The brand’s founder, Loreta, had the vision to create children’s clothes that would be playful, fun and, above all, comfortable and durable. She came up with the name of the brand OXOX, symbolising the game Noughts and Crosses that children love to play. In the year 2021, the brand underwent many changes when Agnė, the new creative director, joined the team and OXOX was reborn as OXOX CLUB. With a background as a creative strategist for fashion brands and former writer for L’Officiel Lithuania, Agnė had a strong idea for the further development of the brand. She brought a fresh approach to the brand and a new creative vision for the collections.

On a mission of never growing up

What are the specificities of the clothes?

At OXOX CLUB, they love colours, bold shapes, slightly quirky styles and fun stories.

The brand’s creative motif is closely linked to the free spirit of childhood, which is why we like to say that OXOX is on a constant mission of never growing up. In our world, childhood is not just a stage of life, but rather an attitude, a mindset or a way of life – facing the world with creativity, playfulness and positivity. Children enjoy our clothes every day – from morning to night. Whether it’s Monday, Sunday or just a lovely day.

When they create their collections, they are not afraid of bold colours and funky details. The clothes may look bold and stylish, but they are also practical with minimalist designs and baggy silhouettes for daily routines.

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Guarantee of delivering sustainable, ethical and high-quality products

In-house production in Lithuania

OXOX Club believes one of the essential elements of the brand is that they produce almost all their clothes “in-house” – in their own factory in Lithuania, which has received the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which guarantees their commitment to providing sustainable, ethical and high-quality products. From design to production, every step is entirely their own responsibility. They use only high-quality fabrics – organic cotton is their favourite.

They don’t dare call themselves a sustainable brand yet, but they do their best to move forward every day by implementing sustainability in all aspects of their brand. However, they strive to become better and planet-friendly every season.