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Holi and Love

The brand with cheerful, poetic prints

Why Holi and Love?

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HOLI is one of India’s best-known festivals! It’s the festival of colors, celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. LOVE for the love of pretty things, beautiful souvenirs that recall a trip or an encounter.


Using the traditional "blockprinting" technique.

Who's behind the brand?

Owner Julie, is a Belgian mother of 4. In 2017, she moved to India for her husband’s work. A lifelong lover of surrounding herself with beautiful objects steeped in meaning and history, she began collecting what Indian craftsmanship has to offer in terms of its richness of design, texture and color. Little by little, she fell in love with fabrics printed with wood stamps, using the traditional “blockprinting” technique.

She then decided to go out and meet the artisans, and in 2018 launched a first small production of bags and accessories produced with respect for ancestral craft techniques. This was the birthplace of her fifth baby: Holi and Love.

Respecting the environment and human beings

What are our values?

The Holi and Love brand was born from an ambition to promote the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship while respecting the environment and human beings.

That’s why these three conditions will always be met in our productions:
1 ) Respecting the traditional know-how of craftsmen
2 ) Surrounding ourselves with fair trade partners
3 ) Using only organic, natural, recycled or upcycled materials.