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Original and different from each other. Will you join us on an adventure?

Original and more contemporary

Monkey Miks is different from others

Kim Schenk los haar

Monkey Miks wants to distinguish itself from other agencies in the Netherlands. To be different. And this actually starts with the name. The word ‘agency’ gave me the creeps a bit, so I came up with a name that is more original, more contemporary, that fits me better and that my clients will remember. Monkey stands for the naughty little monkeys. Miks stands for a diversity of sweet, cool and quirky brands focused on lifestyle within the baby & kids industry. And why Miks is now written with a ‘k’; well… because I used to be called Mik and I have fond memories of it.

Added value

Monkey Miks is happy to represent from her beautiful showroom in Breda the stylish mid/high end brands with high quality sustainable products that are different and for that reason absolutely do not belong to the masses. But of course there is more in which Monkey Miks distinguishes herself;

Kim Schenk zitten koffie

Monkey Miks guards a maximum number of brands (national & international) in order to give them all the attention they deserve.

Market knowledge

Monkey Miks is in touch with the right retailers that suit the brand and takes as much work off your hands as possible.

Customized advice

I like to think along with the brand and give advice regarding the collection in order to respond to the developments and trends in the baby & children's industry.


Good mutual communication and flexibility on both sides is a requirement. This is how we achieve the best results together.

Social Media

Monkey Miks stands for more than just sales. Monkey Miks supports brands in their promotion through website & social media.

Relationship management

And of course, a good cooperation with nice (especially physical) stores is very important, with the goal of good resale.

Who's behind the cute yellow banana?

Be happy, stay happy....

I am Kim, 43 years old, a trend watcher and crazy about bananas. My nice, sweet customers and clients who I always receive in my beautiful showroom with a delicious cappuccino, will describe me as a super enthusiastic person, someone who goes for it 100% and is confident. I always strive for a good end result, which is achieved through my commercial skills and maintaining relationships with enthusiasm.

I prefer to be responsible for inspiring brands with an accompanying experience that suits me 100%. Feeling, atmosphere and experience are very important to me in everything I do. I work from my heart; this gives me a super good and happy feeling. Subsequently, good sales figures are self-evident.

Thanks to the pleasant cooperation with the brands and the sweet retailers who buy the brands in my showroom with confidence from me, I experience every day as a party.

For the most beautiful stores

Because I represent the brands that are not part of the masses, I work with the most wonderful shops/boutiques in the Netherlands. The right store for the right brand and vice versa. A small selection of the stores I work for with pride and pleasure; Bende van Geluk, Bij & Mus, Confetti, Donsaapje, Eluun, Esel & Elg, Haas & AapKids Department, Kids & SoKind zo Blij, Kookaburra, Le Fanfare, Little Department Store, Meis & Jip, Milck, Mini Parade, Monchou, Petozzi, Spruit, Stokstaart, Store of Daydreams, TED, Tokkelientje, Vier Seizoenen and Wonder.