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Who is behind the brand?

High happy-egg content

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Juulz is a creative brand created in early 2021. The founder of the brand, Julia, can fully express her creativity, high happy-egg content and love in this. Sketching, drawing or watercoloring, she has been doing it all her life! The idea to get serious about this came up in the fall of 2020. During her nice leave period after the birth of their 2nd child, she had all the time to dream away about ‘Juulz’. And so began designing her own illustrations. Julia loves making beautiful things and cool challenges! She followed her heart and decided to go 100% for her own business. Exciting? No. Totally crazy! But hey, he who does not dare does not win.

Creative & unique

Happy playful illustrations

Julia loves positivity immensely and this is what you see in her happy & playful illustrations. Her goal is to put a smile on the faces of as many children as possible and to make them wonder and inspire their own imaginations.

All illustrations are hand drawn and painted with watercolor. So you truly have something unique in your hands! At Juulz, they love color, playful illustrations that tell a story and focus primarily on the child. From sketch, the recurring black lines to the watercolor, every step is done with great care. You can see & feel the love Julia puts into this!

Production quantities are carefully determined

Sustainable character

Juulz collaborates with a sheltered workshop that takes care of packaging the products. A fine socially involved way! Production quantities are carefully determined, resulting in exclusivity rather than overstock. They use only high quality materials from the Netherlands that are sustainable where possible.

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Starting a new brand requires a lot of preparation to make the cooperation a success. Customer transfer, marketing and sales plans are discussed in detail before we can start approaching the Dutch market. The goal is to expand the sales outlets and take work off our hands. This gives Juulz more time to focus on innovation and expansion of the brand.

Together with Kim from Monkey Miks, we are taking a new step within Juulz! One that has been carefully thought out and developed. A step that gives us room to innovate and develop further. We want to surprise you again and again!”