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Petit Blush

A beautiful girls' label full of playful clothing with endless comfort and a unique touch

Endless combinations

Casual, playful and unique simplicity

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Petit Blush uses natural tones, exclusive prints and carefully selected fabrics that can be combined endlessly. A casual style, simple but unique, specially made prints, comfy with a personal touch, for children who like to wear playful clothes with endless comfort.


Creativity & experience

Born of love

Petit Blush was born with many years of creativity and built-up experience. An instinct that grew and emerged the moment Lola (daughter of founder Laura) was born. Her 2 little girls created a path for her to follow without hesitation and so she started designing children’s clothing.

Petit Blush is sustainable

Because we love our planet!

Petit Blush slowly produces small collections, together with qualified suppliers in Portugal, who share our care and vision of sustainability. The production is made according to the most important ethical and ecological values. Petit Blush’s concern is to put people and planet earth first. We would love to see you be part of this too.

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"Let's BLOOM together and make this world a beautiful garden."