From stepping to pedalling!

The basis of movement is balancing

A beautiful design in three stages! Vici succeeded!

Vici 3

Besides being a very nicely designed, lightweight children’s bike, Vici actually helps children learn to ride a bike faster, safer and more enjoyably. The basis of movement is balancing. A young child needs to be able to balance in order to learn to sit, stand and eventually learn to walk. Balancing is also the basis of learning to ride a bike. That’s why they developed Vici. A balance bike on which children learn to balance while the bike moves forward. And this helps them towards their first real Vici with pedals.

Seat position

The next step in learning to ride a bike

Children prefer to learn new things in the same environment and with the same materials. That is why Vici developed a balance bike that you can still use when you grow bigger and can even use it to go from a balance bike to a pedal bike. The same sitting position, the same saddle, the same handlebars. A child only needs to be busy with the next step in learning to ride a bike and does not have to get used to a new environment or new materials.

The right seat position contributes to your child’s correct posture when learning to ride a bike. The sitting position a child adopts on a Vici ensures that the body’s centre of gravity is more in the middle of the bike. This makes it easier and faster for your child to feel they can balance on a bike.


Straight to the step of pedalling

With no side wheels!

Vici 4

We believe that once you have taught a child to balance on a rolling object, in this case a balance bike, you can then move straight on to pedalling on a bicycle, without the support of side wheels. Cycling with side wheels does not teach your child to handle balance. Once they have mastered that, the real work can begin. Cycling with pedals, with no side wheels!

Less production, less transport and less waste!

Better for the planet

A bike that easily grows with fast-growing children? Learning to cycle quickly and safely with a lightweight bike so confident you can skip the side wheels? Reducing energy and resource consumption by buying one bike for years of cycling fun? All that is possible with the three-in-one grow along bike from Vici. So, in addition to its beautiful design, Vici is also a practical and sustainable choice for years of safe cycling fun! In short, a good investment in a world where sustainability and convenience increasingly go hand in hand.