Karma Mama

Karma Mama

Nature to nature skincare

The philosophy of Karma Mama

Inspired by the power of Mother Nature

Karma Mama Comfort Cream

Karma Mama, a natural care brand with a mission. Inspired by the power of Mother Nature and her most special resources, the products offer babies, children and mothers the loving care they deserve.

Products that soothe, calm and intensely moisturize. The pure and nourishing oils, creams and balms are proof that less often means more. Fewer chemicals, less harmful substances, fewer things that we and our skin don’t need.

The love of nature has ensured that Karma Mama develops products that are as close to that as possible. Between 98.5% and 100% natural, 100% chemical free, 100% micro-plastic free and of course not tested on animals.

Micro batch production

Love for our planet

Created in the Netherlands – and lovingly produced by a dedicated team in Thailand. There, Karma Mama works with a small family business whose respect and love for our planet also serves as an endless inspiration. This collaboration also ensures that Karma Mama can support local communities in the right way.

Karma Mama doesn’t make promises they can’t keep. Small micro-batches and fresh products with the purest and most natural ingredients are one of them.

Free of harmful substances

Natural & unique

Karma Mama is 100% free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, silicones, laurel sulfite, artificial colors and fragrances (perfume), glycols, tea, dea, and petro chemicals. All ingredients are 100% safe and extensively tested. In addition, Karma Mama only uses ingredients that actually do something good for the skin. Karma Mama always works with the highest quality cold pressed oils, essential oils, organic and natural botanical extracts. And of course, given their love for the planet and everyone who shares it, the products are never tested on animals. The result? Effective and herbal formulas that nourish and work.


'Beat the Microbeat'

Karma Mama Overview Flower

As a clean beauty brand, Karma Mama can proudly share that all products of the Karma Mama line are 100% microplastic free. For this they have also received the ‘zero plastics inside logo’ from ‘Beat the Microbeat’. In addition, the amber packaging not only looks beautiful in the bathroom, it is also the perfect way to preserve the formulas longer and better.




Karma Mama Gentle All Over Wash
Karma Mama Wash Comfort Cream Baby
Karma Mama Soothing Oil
Karma Mama Soothing Oil
Karma Mama Baby Bum Balm
Karma Mama Gentle All Over Wash

Contributing to a better world

Karma Mama stands for skin care with a mission. Karma Mama is determined to do their part to make the world a safer place for the mothers and children who need it most. When you buy a product from Karma Mama, you are not only getting the best and safest ingredients for you and your child, you are also directly helping another mom and her family.

Karma Mama gives unconditional support to Friends International, a charity that works so that poor communities in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Indonesia can continue to grow and develop.”

Leonie, owner Karma Mama